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Dear owners,

Interessed in "delegating" the management of your home, and looking for someone to "mould" your chalet or apartment ? Someone to welcome your friends, family or tenants... Someone to keep an eye on maintenance, building warm or unforeseen problems... Someone to prepare the chalet for your arrival... Someone to offer various services during your holiday and close the chalet when you leave, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll aim to provide of all your needs.

Here’s, examples of some of what we can offer :

  • Organization of various services during your holiday,
  • beginning and end of season deep clean,
  • complete clean of bedding (pillows, duvets, mattress, protectors, blankets, ...),
  • chimney sweeping,
  • delivery of wood for the winter,
  • checking of electrical equipment,
  • various repairs,
  • upkeep of the grounds,
  • snow cleaning,
  • light bulb changing, ...

› General upkeep at your home !

Maybe your have a new project, you want to renovate your chalet, your planning major works or simply want to decorate a room. We can put you in contact with interior designers, architects and builders and various other companies.

"Born in the Valley, I have known our resorts and mountains all my life. Today I work with quality professionals from all fields and I have complete confidence in their work… contact me so I can introduce you to them !"

Céline CHARDON, Director Vanoise 3 Vallées Services

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